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It's been a week since I had to have you put to sleep. All I can say is I'm sorry baby girl.  I'm sorry I didn't notice you weren't feeling well sooner, I'm sorry I didn't insist the vet give you anti biotics earlier, I'm sorry I made you walk all the way to the vet and back.  I'm so sorry I let you down.  I can only hope you know how much I loved you in the year you were with me.

first perfect day

mid 70's light breeze God what a perfect day.  Got the lawn mowed ordered the garden soil to be delivered next week, made dog vet and grooming apt,  I was able to hang the laundry out on the line today spring/summer clothes are out and winter clothes put away.  Cleaned up the spot I'm going to plant cucumber hmmm no wonder I' tired!

October 15th 1917

I wrote this over a year ago and forgot all about it until a strange comment brought it back to my mind.  I read it and kinda liked it, hope you do too.
Thanks to Celeste9 for the beta, she battled through both my horrible punctuation and the flu, she's the best.

No warnings no pairing just a silly team story.  I don't own them but I kinda want too....

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Writers group

Some friends of mine have recently started a writing group. We get together only once a month and do some no pressure writing and we have weekly e-mail assignments. If anybody is interested please contact me.

I guess it would be important for you to know that I live in Portland OR!
Wow for just about the first time in my 46 years I am proud of my country.

Vagina cake


A large grocery store here in Portland, OR is selling this little beauty....words fail.
well its been a trying few months my new job is vastly dull, my mother was in a car accident was badly injured and died about a week later. I now habe bronchitis and I just got a letter from my doctor telling me my mamogram was abnormal. Swell, just swell.
I got the job I got the job I got the job!!!!!!
Happy birthday Woodsong

bad, bad bad day

This is going to go down as one of the worst days in a long long time. Work was fine busy but ok (still haven't heard about the promotion). Its a beautiful day so when I got home I decided to take my dogs for a walk. We got to the end of the street and were attacked by 3 pit bulls. I have two small Russell Terriers. Both were bitten. I was screaming trying to pull my dogs away they were screaming trying defend themselves. A neighbor came out and helped pull one of the dogs off. But two them just kept attacking my little girl. You can guess how I feel about her I use her name and picture here. I kept kicking the dog that had her by the throat in the head and ribs but it wouldn't get off her. Their owner finally came out and dragged the other two dogs off. THe neighbor told him that she had had to put his dogs back in his yard twice and somebody had come along and open the fence again. Not the owners fault or mine but I'm still really upset. Annabelle should be ok. I clean out the bites and I'll keep and eye on them to make sure they don't get infected. Then I get home and its a windy day and a small section of my fence blew down. My male dog got out under the fence, into a yard with another pit bull. I was able to get him out with the liberal use of bacon. The worst part of that is he was covered with mud. Now I have to give him a bath............then I am going to sit down and have many drinks.